Amazon has ordered a new series from Jason Katims the creator of Parenthood about roommates living with autism, and the three actors cast in the lead roles are themselves on the autism spectrum.

Rick Glassman, Sue Ann Pien, and Albert Rutecki will star in the currently untitled show, which Katims said he was inspired to make as the parent of an adult child with autism.

Amazon Studios released a statement describing the show as being about “three 20-something roommates on the autism spectrum, striving for the same things that we all desire: To get a job, keep a job, make friends, fall in love and navigate a world that eludes them.”

In addition to this exciting news, two series which prominently feature actors with disabilities have been renewed for second seasons.

On ABC’s Stumptown, Cole Sibus plays the brother of the lead character. Cole and his character both have Down Syndrome, and the first season (and likely second season) show his efforts at living an independent, fulfilling life with a job and a love interest.

Freeform is bringing back the show Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, in which Kayla Cromer plays Matilda, the younger sister of the show’s main character. Both Kayla and Matilda are on the autism spectrum, and the show covers how the characters’ lives change when their father dies and Matilda’s brother has to start raising his younger siblings.

The release date for Katims’ Amazon show is currently not finalized, but both Stumptown and Everything’s Gonna Be Okay are set to air their second seasons in 2021.