Happy Tuesday! Today we have another great update from Tim Blake.

The American Red Cross is offering a free online class called “Psychological First Aid: Supporting Yourself and Others During COVID-19.” From the Red Cross:

In order to help people build resilience and lend support to others during these difficult times, Training Services, along with expertise from the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council and the Canadian Red Cross, has developed a new Mental Health First Aid for COVID-19 course. The free online course takes approximately one hour to complete and includes content on recognizing stress as well as caring for yourself while supporting your family and coworkers. We encourage you to take this course and share it with others.

Tim has completed the training and said, “it was very helpful with how to identify issues we may struggle with during these uncertain times.”

There is also free counseling from licensed NC therapists available for healthcare workers, childcare workers, first responders, and their families called Hope4Healers. Even the strongest among us can’t help but be impacted by the stress, anxiety, and sadness of this time, and we want to make sure those on the front lines know that they don’t have to bear the weight of the work they do alone. Help is available in English and Spanish at (919) 226-2002.