NBC will be rebroadcasting Paralympic highlights from past years in lieu of coverage of the now-cancelled games for 2020. The coverage began on June 18th and will run through July 12th.

Athletes who would have competed in those games are facing many of the same challenges the rest of us are, and they’re also figuring out new ways to train and remain at the top of their games.

NBC Sports profiled some Paralympic athletes, including Sophia Herzog, a champion swimmer, who trains once a week in the Arkansas River, avoiding “rafters, kayakers, big sticks, and dogs coming downstream.” Herzog had previously trained nine times a week in a facility in Colorado.

The first blind runner to win a 100 meter dash at the Paralympic Games in under 11 seconds is also finding new ways to keep in shape. David Brown has run with guide James Avery since 2014, but they are now separated. Brown has moved to training on the grass in a park near the room he rents, jumping rope and running shorter distances with the assistance of his girlfriend. He and Avery are confident that they will be ready for the Tokyo games next summer.

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