SICILNC CARES Housing Program

Woman gives box of food to man in wheelchairPurpose: The purpose of the SICILNC CARES Housing Program is to help eligible consumers of Solutions For Independence remain in non-congregate shelter situations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding shall be used to help consumers remain in a hotel/motel when they do not have any other way to pay for the hotel/motel. All other resources should be exhausted prior to requesting 

Eligibility requirements: The person must meet all the below eligibility requirements. 

  • 18 years of age or older 
  • Homeless 
  • Consumer of SICILNC 
  • High risk to contract COVID-19 (doctor’s note will be required) 
  • Low income (AMI will be used to determine eligibility based on income) 

To get more information about this program: Reach out to Adrian Boone at