Please see the following release from the US Disabled Golf Association:

It is with great sadness that the  United States Disabled Open Golf Championship that was schedule for May 18-21 has been officially cancelled due to the COVID19 Pandemic. We have been monitoring the situation since the beginning, communicating with different agencies, local officials, other organizations, and even other countries to get a feel for what they were thinking or going through.

Late last week is when we knew that the hope was gone that this open could not be held. This is a worldwide pandemic and the US is in the beginning stages in this. Hopefully by May, This will be under control and we can enjoy the summer and out playing golf again.

The 2020 Open was poised to have an unbelievable event. We had several companies on board to help with the championship, We had Arizona State Golf Association to help conduct and train the volunteers, and at one point we were far exceding the number of golfers then the previous years.

We are already in the beginning stages of planning for the 2021 open and we will make an announcement in due time.

If you have already paid the entry fee, Please look for a refund later today. Also if you book a hotel, Please remember to cancel this as soon as possible.


Stay Well my friends


Jason Faircloth